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Discover How Rank Daddy Took A Simple 6 Step SEO Process, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $50k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight…

(And you DON’T have to become a computer geek to start)

Are you tired of punching a time-clock week after week?

Feeling frustrated with never getting ahead on the bills?

Do you desire more time freedom to spend with your family?


From: Rank Daddy
RE: Rank Daddy Academy

Dear entrepreneur ,

If you crave lifestyle freedom, recurring wealth generation, or even if you just want to eliminate stress and uncertainty about the future, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

Ive helped over 3,000 people just like you discover their IDEAL lifestyle business using the internet!

And on this page I will share with you the EXACT steps you can start taking today to achieve amazing results!

Rank Daddy has a ocean of SEO success stories.

In 2 weeks, my girl and I will be sitting on the beautiful beaches of Thailand. Meanwhile back in the real world I will still be making money thanks to the methods taught by Rank Daddy. 
– Heath Friend

Most people know their is a ocean of wealth being created online but….

The path to the internet promise land is not a clear one. 

Most professions like Doctors, Lawyers, Mathematician, Pilots, Engineer, Pharmacist, Nurse etc all have a clear and structured paths to a successful career.


When it comes to starting a internet business we are left to figure it out on our own….

Relying on Youtube, Amazon Best Sellers, and a endless onslaught of course gurus offering a “quick n easy” automated fix….

Which all end up saying the samething. 
You need 4 things to make lifestyle money online: 

1. A Website (but it doesn’t have to be yours…)

2. A Offer (basically, a idea to buy)

3. Floods of Traffic (Eyeballs are crucial!) 

4. Consistent Conversions (Getting paid!) 

These 4 elements can be aligned in TONS of different ways to create a online business.

Some cost ALOT to start and have a ocean of competition to deal with….

Others require buying & storing your offer in your garage, which is just annoying, right? 

But I am going to share with you the irresistible lifestyle friendly business that is completely digital w/ little competition. 

When done right, this profession routinely out earns top jobs like Doctors n Lawyers without costing you 10 years of your life in school or $100,000+ in student debt only to still be on a timeclock… 

Through much trail and error, Ive been able to profitable run a thriving online business that earns over $50,000 per month while working only 2-10 hours per week. 

Wanna know how? 

Well, Ill tell ya….

Basically, I solve the #1 problem for business owners using the internet. 

Search Engine Optimization – SEO. 

Our in simpler terms….

Getting their website to the top of page 1 of Google search results and keeping it there!

[Recall, #3 Floods of Traffic] 

To business owner, page 1 of Google is like placing their business in the middle of Time Square w/ unlimited amount of customers all around them…

As a business owner, can you imagine too many customers? 
[#4 Consistent Conversions]

So many, that you’re forced to hire more staff, add to your fleet, to stop all other forms of coupons and advertising, and raise your prices!

These are the types of “problems” that I create for local businesses. Daily.

Unfortunately most business’s online presence is more likely to be found on page 8 or 10 aka the “Sahara Desert”.

No eyeballs, no customers, no sales….

Leaving their business PRAYING for relief. 

That’s when Rank Daddy swoops in and save the day!

So, when I’m responsible for expanding their business and deliver a flood of new customers, how do ya think they feel about me? 

That’s right, they LOVE me! 

And they’re ecstatic to send me a check for $500 to $2,500 month each and every month.

Was it easy to get to this point? 

Not at first. 

Remember there is no clear path to make this stuff work, just alot of theories and ideas….

Probably like many of you, there’s been a whole heap of trial and error along the way. 

Plenty of “fail safe” courses purchased. 

Spending thousands of dollars just to discover your at a dead end!

Now, after 3 years of trial and error, tweaking, and developing a system which can be duplicated and scaled, I’d say it’s worked out pretty good. 

The SEO process I developed builds and ranks websites quick, and easy, with minimal cost and maximum results.

Each website I created was like a digital employee, earning for me 24/7. 

Allowing me the time-freedom to enjoy family time without worrying about the bills month to month. 

Every-time it worked, over and over. 

I was ranking client websites like clockwork. (often in 60 days or less)

So I started sharing my system with other marketers in SEO Facebook™ groups. 

What happened?

The same insane results. 

They were ranking their clients, and scaling their SEO businesses and creating lifestyle freedom. 

This was it. This was the structure path I needed when I started. 

I became so confident that I began offering to partner with other SEO agents, they would bring me clients and I’d run em thru my process. 

They did nothing but collect the monthly fee. 

I was taking only a 50% cut, and assuming ALL costs of ranking, yet I still made a Killing. 

Now, I only spend about 2-10 hours a week running my SEO empire. 

I’ve dialed this system in so precisely that those 2-10 hours are really just checking in to make sure my system is running smoothly and no adjustments are needed. 

It’s really quite amazing. 

I mean, not to long ago I was having to slave away 40+ hours a week at my old job herding unicorns and milking dragons. NOW THATS HARD WORK! 

I always felt that there had to be a better way to create true lifestyle freedom. 

Punching a clock for 40 hours a week, for 40 years till you can retire just seems so outdated now a days, doesn’t it? 

I mean, technology is all around us to make life easier and there are over 68 million small businesses in the USA, that’s why SEO Marketing is here to stay – huge demand and limited supply of REAL solutions. 

There are SOOO many businesses that need help with their SEO rankings that I had to create my own Academy to keep up with the demand. 

Turns out my process is simple to follow as well! 

Say Goodbye to Complicated SEO Discover How Rank Daddy Took A Simple 6 Step SEO Process, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $50k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight… (And you DON’T have to become a computer geek to start) Are you tired of punching a time-clock week after week? Feeling frustrated with never getting…

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