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Envira Gallery Pagination Addon 1.8.6

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Enhancing Your Image Gallery with Envira Gallery Pagination Addon.

Online media and content are a highly dynamic and ever-changing industry. Your image galleries must always be current, accessible, and user-friendly if you want to keep your website interesting. An in-depth discussion of the Envira Gallery Pagination Addon, a great tool for making your image galleries easier to navigate and more accessible, is provided in this article.

Knowing Envira Gallery.

Create stunning and responsive image galleries using the potent WordPress plugin Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery offers a simple platform to arrange and display your visual content, whether you’re a photographer showcasing your portfolio or a company showcasing product images.

Pagination’s significance.

Pagination is the process of breaking up your image gallery into more manageable chunks to make it simpler for visitors to browse through your pictures. Pagination divides your images into pages, usually with a specific number of images per page, as opposed to showing them all on a single page.

advantages of the pagination add-on.

Your image gallery is improved in several ways by using the Envira Gallery Pagination Addon:

  • Improved User Experience: Your gallery’s visitors can easily browse it and find the images they’re looking for.
  • Quickest loading times: Lower bounce rates are achieved by smaller, paginated galleries.
  • SEO-Friendly: Paginated content is well-liked by search engines, which is good for your website’s SEO.

Installing the Pagination Addon.

It is simple to add the Pagination Addon to your Envira Gallery. Just carry out these actions.

  1. From the Envira Gallery website, purchase the Pagination Addon.
  2. Open your WordPress dashboard and log in.
  3. Choose “Plugins” and then “Add New.”. ‘.
  4. the add-on file you downloaded and uploaded.
  5. Turn on the add-on.

Setting up the Pagination Addon.

You can customize the add-on: after installation.

  1. Select the gallery that you want to paginate.
  2. choosing the number of images per page.
  3. the pagination style can be modified to fit the look of your website.

Pagination Customization.

Numerous options are available in Envira Gallery to customize your pagination. To ensure that it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your website, you can adjust the colors, fonts, and layout.

Enhancing user experience.

You can greatly enhance the user experience on your website by implementing pagination. The ease with which visitors can navigate your gallery reduces their frustration and lengthens their stay on your website.

Benefits of Pagination for SEO.

Paginated content with a good structure is valued by search engines. Your website’s search engine visibility may increase because it is simpler for them to index and rank your images.

Envira Gallery compatibility.

With Envira Gallery, the Pagination Addon is fully compatible and supports all of its features, including albums, tags, and social sharing. No aspect of your gallery’s functionality will have to be sacrificed.

Common Problems Troubleshooting.

Envira Gallery provides top-notch customer support if you run into any problems with the installation or use. To assist you in resolving any issues, they offer thorough documentation and prompt support.

Customer service and updates.

Envira Gallery is dedicated to offering frequent updates and enhancements to make sure your gallery functions properly. Should you run into any problems, they also provide excellent customer service.


A helpful tool for making your image galleries more accessible is the Envira Gallery Pagination Addon. It improves user experience, and SEO, and guarantees compatibility with Envira Gallery’s features. You can advance your image galleries by putting pagination into use.

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