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Pay by Check Addon 0.11.3 – Paid Memberships Pro

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Paid Memberships Pro Pay by Check Addon: A Secure and Convenient Payment Option

In today’s digital age, online membership platforms have become increasingly popular. These platforms offer various features and benefits to both users and website owners. One essential aspect of these membership platforms is the payment process. While online payments are the norm, some users may prefer alternative methods, such as paying by check. This is where the “Paid Memberships Pro Pay by Check Addon” comes into play, providing a secure and convenient payment option for those who prefer to pay via check. In this article, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and how this addon can enhance the overall user experience.

1. What is Paid Memberships Pro?

Paid Memberships Pro is a versatile WordPress plugin that empowers website owners to create membership sites with ease. Whether you run a subscription-based blog, e-learning platform, or any content-driven website, Paid Memberships Pro provides robust tools to manage membership levels, restrict access to content, and handle payments efficiently. The plugin is user-friendly, making it accessible even to those with limited technical knowledge.

2. Understanding the Pay by Check Addon

2.1. How Does it Work?

The Pay by Check Addon serves as an extension to Paid Memberships Pro, enhancing its payment options. When a user selects the “Pay by Check” option during the checkout process, the system generates an invoice with all the payment details. The user can then print the invoice and mail it along with the check to the provided address. Once the website owner receives the payment, they can manually mark the membership as paid, granting the user access to premium content.

2.2. Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Pay by Check Addon seamlessly integrates into the Paid Memberships Pro interface, making it easy for users to select the check payment option.
  • Automatic Invoice Generation: The system automatically generates a detailed invoice that includes the user’s payment information and instructions for payment submission.
  • Payment Tracking: Website owners can track the status of check payments, ensuring a smooth payment processing experience.

2.3. Advantages of Paying by Check

  • Flexibility: Some users may not feel comfortable sharing their credit card or bank details online. Paying by check offers an alternative, giving users the flexibility they need.
  • No Transaction Fees: Unlike online payment gateways that charge transaction fees, paying by check eliminates additional costs.
  • Offline Payment Option: Paying by check allows users who prefer offline payment methods to access premium content on the website.

3. Setting Up Pay by Check Addon

3.1. Prerequisites

Before installing the Pay by Check Addon, ensure you have the following:

  • A fully functional WordPress website.
  • Paid Memberships Pro plugin was installed and activated.

3.2. Installation and Activation

To install the Pay by Check Addon:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”
  3. Upload the addon’s ZIP file and click “Install Now.”
  4. Once installed, activate the addon.

3.3. Configuration Steps

After activating the addon, follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Go to “Memberships” in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click on “Payment Settings.”
  3. Under the “Payment Gateway” section, enable “Pay by Check.”
  4. Configure the add-on settings, such as the address where users should send their checks.

4. Using Pay by Check Addon

4.1. User Perspective

When a user selects a membership level and proceeds to checkout, they will see the “Pay by Check” option. Choosing this option will generate an invoice that the user can print.

4.2. Admin Perspective

As an administrator, you will receive the user’s check and invoice. Once the payment is received, you can manually mark the membership as paid.

5. Security and Privacy

5.1. SSL Encryption

Paid Memberships Pro Pay by Check Addon ensures the checkout process remains secure by utilizing SSL encryption.

5.2. Storing Check Information

The addon does not store any sensitive check information on the website, providing an additional layer of privacy for users.

6. Compatibility and Integration

6.1. Third-Party Payment Gateways

The Pay by Check Addon works seamlessly with popular third-party payment gateways, giving users a wide range of options.

6.2. Other Addons Compatibility

Paid Memberships Pro offers various add-ons, and the Pay by Check Addon is designed to be compatible with most of them.

7. Customer Support and Documentation

Paid Memberships Pro provides excellent customer support and comprehensive documentation to guide users through setup and troubleshooting.

8. Pricing Plans

8.1. Free vs. Pro Version

The Pay by Check Addon is available for free with basic features. However, the pro version offers advanced functionalities for a competitive price.

8.2. Choosing the Right Plan

Consider your website’s needs and the additional features offered in the pro version before selecting a plan.

9. Pros and Cons

9.1. Advantages

  • Provides an alternative payment option.
  • Eliminates transaction fees.
  • Appeals to users preferring offline payments.

9.2. Limitations

  • Manual processing may lead to delayed access for users.
  • Requires users to have access to a printer and mailing capabilities.


The Paid Memberships Pro Pay by Check Addon is a valuable tool for website owners seeking to offer diverse payment options to their users. By providing a secure and convenient way to pay by check, website owners can attract a broader audience and improve user satisfaction. The add-on’s compatibility with various payment gateways and its user-friendly interface make it a practical choice for WordPress users.

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