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Social Locker Addon 1.1 – Paid Memberships Pro

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Paid Memberships Pro Social Locker Addon: Boosting Your Membership Site Engagement

Creating and managing a successful membership site can be an excellent way to generate recurring revenue and build a loyal community of users. However, the challenge lies in keeping your members engaged and eager to explore more premium content. This is where the Paid Memberships Pro Social Locker Addon comes into play. In this article, we will dive into the exciting features and benefits of this add-on, which can elevate your membership site to new heights of interaction and user satisfaction.

1. What is the Paid Memberships Pro Social Locker Addon?

The Paid Memberships Pro Social Locker Addon is a powerful plugin that enables you to leverage the potential of social media to drive engagement and grow your membership site. By using the Social Locker, you can encourage your site visitors to share your premium content on social platforms in exchange for access to locked content.

2. The Power of Social Locking

Increasing Social Media Presence

With the Social Locker Addon, your members become brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your content across various social media channels. This organic sharing can lead to increased visibility, attracting new members and expanding your online community.

Building a Sense of Exclusivity

By locking valuable content behind social shares, you create a sense of exclusivity that motivates users to engage with your brand. As people crave exclusive experiences, they are more likely to share your content to gain access to premium materials.

Viral Content Marketing

Social Locker empowers your membership site to go viral. When your users share your locked content, it can quickly reach a wider audience, generating a snowball effect of engagement and interest in your site.

3. How Does the Social Locker Addon Work?

Setting Up the Locker

Implementing the Social Locker Addon is a breeze. Once installed, you can easily configure it to lock specific parts of your content, such as articles, videos, downloads, or even entire sections. You have full control over what to lock and what to keep freely accessible.

Customizable Locking Options

The addon offers various locking options to suit your site’s needs. You can choose to unlock content after a set number of shares, require shares on multiple platforms, or even allow users to unlock the content immediately with just one share.

4. Advantages of Using the Social Locker Addon

Boosting Membership Retention

With the sense of exclusivity and the engaging social media aspect, the Social Locker Addon contributes to improved member retention rates. As users invest time and effort into sharing your content, they become more committed to your community.

Expanding Your Reach

Harnessing the power of social media, your locked content can reach a vast audience beyond your current members. This increased exposure can lead to a steady influx of new visitors, potentially converting them into paying members.

Gaining Valuable User Insights

Through social sharing, you gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behavior. By analyzing which content gets shared the most, you can tailor your future offerings to better meet your members’ interests.

5. Tips for Effective Implementation

Striking the Right Balance

While using the Social Locker, it’s essential to strike a balance between locked and freely accessible content. Overuse of locking may alienate some users, while too little locking may not drive sufficient engagement.

Creating Compelling Content

To encourage social shares, ensure that your locked content is high-quality and valuable to your target audience. Compelling content will motivate users to share willingly.

A/B Testing and Analytics

Experiment with different locking options and analyze the results. A/B testing can help you identify the most effective setup for your specific membership site.

6. Comparing Social Locker with Other Engagement Tools


While gamification can be an effective engagement tool, Social Locker offers a unique approach by tapping into the power of social sharing. The sense of exclusivity adds an extra layer of motivation for your users.

Content Drip

Content drip and Social Locker can complement each other. You can use content drip to provide regular updates to your members while utilizing Social Locker to promote sharing of specific pieces.

Community Forums

Community forums foster discussions and interactions among members. Social Locker, on the other hand, actively involves members in promoting your content on social media.

7. Testimonials from Successful Membership Sites

Website A: Skyrocketing Social Shares

“After integrating the Social Locker Addon, our social media presence exploded. Our members started sharing our content like wildfire, leading to a substantial increase in website traffic.”

Website B: Doubling Referral Traffic

“Social Locker turned our members into enthusiastic promoters. We saw a significant boost in referral traffic, and the locked content became highly sought after.”


The Paid Memberships Pro Social Locker Addon is a game-changer for membership site owners looking to increase engagement, boost social media presence, and foster a vibrant community. By offering exclusive content in exchange for social shares, you not only attract new members but also retain existing ones with compelling and interactive experiences.

Implement the Social Locker Addon on your membership site today, and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your site’s growth and success.

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