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Wordpress Courses

Hostinger Review – Best Web hosting For beginner

Today we are going to review hostinger web hosting provider. Hostinger Provides great hosting services at a pocket-friendly cost.Hostinger is a ...

Best price Hostinger Review – Best Web hosting For beginner

[Free Download] Learn BuddyPress: Build A Social Network with WordPress

 Free DownloadPrice: €19.99 Creating an online social network is not as hard as you might think. If you’re an avid WordPress user, then you may ...

[Free Download] Niche Website – How to Build a Viral WordPress Site

 Free DownloadPrice: €94.99Welcome to my course on how to build a Niche Website from scratch. In this course, you will learn everything you need to ...

[Free Download] Build WordPress Websites FAST with NO Coding and NO Hosting

 Free DownloadPrice: €94.99WordPress is the world's most popular way to build websites. In this course I will teach you how to build WordPress ...

[Free Download] WordPress PHP

 Free DownloadPrice: €19.99This course is about WordPress, where students shall learn how to make custom theme, and how to use PHP language in order ...

[Free Download] Create a WordPress Blogging Website: WordPress Step-by-Step

 Free DownloadPrice: €39.99Have something to say?  Writing blog posts is a great way to get your message across.So, do you want to create a blog?  ...

[Free Download] WooCommerce WordPress Crash Course

 Free DownloadPrice: €19.99Launching an eCommerce component of your business can be quite stressful. You want to make sure that you choose a platform ...

[Free Download] Complete WordPress website course to sell music downloads

 Free DownloadPrice: €19.99Learn how to build a professional WordPress website to sell music digital downloads on autopilot. This online course will ...

[Free Download] WordPress Beginners – Learn WordPress For Beginners

 Free DownloadPrice: €19.99Wordpress For Beginners 2018 with Theme CustomizationWould you like to have your own Wordpress website FULLY CUSTOMIZED to ...

[Free Download] Android and iOS Apps for Your WordPress Blog

 Free DownloadPrice: €74.99In this course, you will learn to unleash the power of two most powerful frameworks, WordPress and Ionic. You will create ...

[Free Download] How to create Portfolio Website 2021 | WordPress (No Coding)

 Free DownloadPrice: €89.99Hello folks,      I have created this course just to make you learn about creating a Portfolio WordPress Website. The ...

[Free Download] Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO

 Free DownloadPrice: €54.99What makes our videos different? Our goal for this series was to create comprehensive and thorough, yet ...

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