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[Free Download] WordPress Blogging Master class : To Start successful blog

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                   **Get Start Your 100% Successful Blogging Journey From Beginner to Advanced**

Never miss an opportunity to crack the code on how to start a successful WordPress Blog from scratch.

When I started my Blogging journey back in the year 2015, it was very easy to rank any post by implementing some simple hacks but the upcoming updates have changed the face of blogging.

I am an online tutor and a Youtuber who only teaches my students how to start an SEO optimized blog that rank faster and what should be the future Blogging strategy to boost Google Ranking.

More than 8K+ students learning and growing their blog from scratch to more than 45K+ page views in just 7-8 months and making 1000$+ income per month are you on the same list?

If you are willing to start a new blog or an owner of the existing blog then I shared all the basic to advance tips or blueprint on how to do blogging and why you should do blogging using WordPress or Blogger?

If you are struggling with how to become a successful blogger or just started then I strongly recommend to do planning before starting your blog website and that is why this tutorial will make your job very easier.

This is the nature of learners that they want to escape the basics but the real gem is always hidden in the small root which is worth digging for.

                         “If you really willing to success then never miss the basics of your business”

By considering every blogger’s need I have decided to include each and every simple hack or tip which every beginner or expert should know and this took me more than 3 months to plan all this.

If you are really keen on what you are going to learn then here are some highlights and this is the never-ending list.

**I guarantee you will master on all the below topics**

  • What is Blog and why everyone should start a Blog?

  • What is WordPress and Blogger and which one is the best platform to start your blog?

  • What is Hosting and Domain and why we need then to start a WordPress Blog?

  • How to choose the best hosting and domain name at affordable prices based on site traffic.

  • Basic overview of WordPress and how to install WordPress?

  • What are the best themes and free plugins for the WordPress beginner website?

  • How to customize the WordPress blog with any free or paid theme?

  • What is Search engine optimization and its different types?

  • How to optimize your WordPress blog for On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

  • What is On-page and Off-Page SEO and how to them?

  • What are the keyword and its different types?

  • What are the long-short tail,parent-child, and LSI keywords and how to find them?

  • What are the different free and paid keyword research tools and how to use them?

  • How to do keyword research using free and paid keyword research tools?

  • Different unique tips on how to find low difficulty and high search volume most profitable keyword?

  • Step by Step guide on how to Write a 100% SEO friendly blog post by targeting focus keyword?

  • How to publish a post and checklist to cover prior to publishing a blog post?

  • Introduction of different search engine tools and how to link your website with them?

  • What are backlinks, DA-PA and how it works?

  • How to get high-quality backlinks and improve the DA-PA of the website?

  • What is Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks and how to check and create them?

  • How to make money by Blog by monetizing using different Ad networks and affiliate marketing?

  • Bonus tips and tricks to grow or boost your website organic traffic and lot many other advance tips on ranking fast in search engines.

My 100% Commitment to you

  • You will be 100% confident enough on your new blueprint of Blogging.

  • You will crack the code on how google works and what should be your content writing strategy?

  • You will get an idea of how to find the most profitable and easy to rank keywords?

  • You can guide others on how to start your blogging with nearly zero investment, its amazing.

  • You will get different ways of finding backlinks opportunities and how to boost organic traffic.

Who is Fit for this course

No matter you are a beginner or expert I decided to bring you all on the right platform of blogging journey,are you ready to onboard? …. The train is leaving the station and I expect you to onboard ASAP.

*I will give you the right path to becoming a successful blogger in Blogging…Hurry!!*

                   **Get Start Your 100% Successful Blogging Journey From Beginner to Advanced**Never miss an opportunity to crack the code on how to start a successful WordPress Blog from scratch.When I started my Blogging journey back in the year 2015, it was very easy to rank any post…

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